Thursday, December 29, 2011


Engage! engage!
Go outside
It's a warm night
for winter
Engage! engage!
Touch somebody
Hug somebody
Fight somebody
Like somebody
Engage! engage!
Damage control real shit from the nineties
That's a band name
And are they any good?
Where have all the punk kids gone
If you write in a library it's too damn quiet
If you have to tune out loud shit
I mean real loud shit
You get to this point of absolute focus
If you want to read ..
Read at a metal show
Read Oscar Wilde at a punk show
Cause he's ... Wilde...
Then kiss somebody
Like his gravestone
Engage! engage!
You fools,
You kids!
You goblins
You ghouls
Engage! engage!
And don't drink the water
Albeit there be vodka
Wilde Wilde Wilde
Elmo tomatoes $1.99 today only
And only cause it's colder than we thought

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