Tuesday, December 6, 2011


here are some constants you can rely on:

if your posture is wrong, your whole life is wrong.
if your hair is wrong, your whole life is wrong.
a stapler with no staples is no good.
no reason to stay is a good enough reason to go,
but no reason to go is not a good enough reason to stay.
especially if the music and conversation have dulled.
a hand job is better than no job at all.
i'm with Nietzsche on this:
family love is
messy, clinging..
and of an annoying, repetitive pattern;
like bad wallpaper.
I said I felt like painting something
"Start Small" they said.
I want a BIG white space so i can draw all over it
at least then I'll know my limit.
what if i didnt have enough room?
that would be awful.  
But I guess for better or for worse, we adjust to the space we're put it in...
but when you get cramped, it's a noticeable push,
oh, oh, oh, ouch.
i love wallpaper.
even the ugly ones. I call it kitschy
what a lovely name for a cat..


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