Monday, December 19, 2011


something's got to give change
please sir can i have some more?
more what? they ask
i do not know
just more of it
please sir can i have some more?
ms haversham's afraid of the sun
these kinds of sun are three:
sun light, sun flowers
and sons suns of bitches.
the thought of sun sends her to twitches.
and her best friend is elenor
they read and play cards in dim light
and they eat slices of lemon and mouse infested torte
you could never be late for tea:
she doesn't know what day it is,
she hasn't known all week
do not beat her with a bat
the hound will surely tell rat
so tie a big rock to your foot
and nosedive head first down the well
and if you should on your way down
make a wish you hadn't fell
and if your wish should so come true,
and if you so should survive I implore you,
to stay there
because the sky is down
the sky is down
Silver tea sets will be melted down
When the revolution comes to town

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