Sunday, June 19, 2011


Star wars on mute
And how fitting on the day for vaders (vaters) is Dutch for fathers
Bet your bottom cool hand Lukes
If he had known
He woulda knew
How am I getting home?
Gotta find a space that's mine
A place where I can get down
And just lie
Reduce your emissions
So the kids can have some sunlight
Carpooling don't require water
But chia pets do
What has two legs and four wheels?
A rollerblader.
Except rollerblades don't even have blades.
Strawberry blond bangs
Make me want a milkshake
Shake shake shimmy
Don't mean a thing if I aint got that swing
Use my bra padding for insoles
So I can two step
With the gringos
Who makes this song?
Come on James Dean
Play me some bongos.
I'll spit my lingo and beat it like it ain't no thing Yo
Lights lights lights
Off orange, not quite amber
All in a row
There must be hundreds of em
Green red white
French fries outside a Taiwan
ya don't know
Consider dental
But never stop the grind
Eye shops in jewelr town
Look out for pawns
Beaumonde hts is a street name
Right off i(s)llington
Then Finch
Everyday is a daydream, Milady
Row row row

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