Sunday, May 13, 2012


I didn't want to be your background girl
Your backdrop, your familiar
Your night light
I stayed in the spot where you put me
I wanted to cause scenes and get into the faces
Of people I hated to meet
So I let you go so I could know what it would feel like to be you
And it's that wonderful nauseous feeling
Tap tap a microphone
All eyes on you as our ears
Listen to the drone of the druken night passing by of the off beat rhythm on the side walk
Play it louder louder louder
So you didn't have to hear anyone and especially not the voice inside your head
Or worse,
The one inside your heart
But only time could teach me
But only when it would be too late to reach me
The only place I could shine was in that corner where you put me
where I wanted to hide anyway

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