Monday, May 7, 2012


Always hungry never eating
Always tired never sleeping
Always thinking never dreaming
Always doing never being
And If you turned those sometimes into always
And those maybes into yes's
And seriously pondered why
Swans do not wear dresses
And all those tiny thoughts confesses
On your crispy white couch
"When I am through with you" she said,
"Your eyes will be puffy
A pang in your head
And your stomach turned green
And then you would know what real beauty means
That naked swans are perfect naked
And the bark on trees isn't better smoothed
Five is less than six
But five is perfect too
In fingers and toes and senses
Your nose Fits mine feels fine
Give me all my days in sunshine
More issues than tissues
Tears enough to fill dusty wine bottles you've yet to return..."
"How does love look like?" he asked
"Like a million tiny aphids," she said,
"Sticking to your hair and clothes
In your mouth up your nose
It's annoying but it's fun
And it's a nuisance and there is no clarity
Except on shiny mornings
When after our coffee and cigarette
We realize all our wasted time
Was building something we could never throw away"
"Tell me something beautiful" he said
"Swans are white", she replied.

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