Tuesday, November 22, 2011


i am an artist writer designer person and I need love reognition money just like everyone else.

you know that thing about creative trades,
it's like,
oh why don't you start out small,
like a photographer
you start out at weddings..
or like, you intern for some big magazine or fashion house.. but..
why don't you start out getting coffees for everyone
hmm?? be a good team player and get the cars washed...?
we'll maybe should reconsider not starting as those things
and start like, a bit bigger
and build it up from there
but be prepared to fall ]-[/\R|)
because unless you're some prodigy, you will probably suck
but that's ok.
it's expected. SUCK! learn something. be bad at something and see how you can be good. 
at least you're sucking and learning
and not sucking..well...you know.
there's a fine line between doing what it takes and doing whatever it takes.
there is still something to be said for integrity
if you cared about that.
just don't go in there serving coffees.
not that there's anything wrong with that..
but you only have so much time so,
you should try and aim a little higher..
even if its not ideal or comfortable for a while.
it's gonna take time..
oh but don't just go start some website and expect people to read it.
because they probably won't
well they might.
but probably not.
and you've got to work with people 
love them! 
you are only as good as your ideas. but you could be so much better with someone elses.
but never share your secrets. especially about where you get really cool shit from. that between you and your Sunday morning hangover .

so not to deter from the initial thought, if you want to be a photographer, i mean a reeeeal photographer, or whatever it is...a reeeeeeal something..take some risks and move somewhere that that will happen. probably New York or something where there is resources and people for that.

but do keep in mind, the average actors salary in America is $600 a year.

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