Monday, August 8, 2011


sometimes, simplicity is the best way
actually, always
not just sometimes..
but being simple is not best,
do you know how many hours of thought goes into creating the simple? the effortless?
everything is seemingly [add adjective/verb/noun + ly]
i was never able to think linear,
and maybe that wasn't the problem they made it out to be
1 + 1 = 2
no, not always..
not when you consider the other options..
what can you do with a paper clip?
you can...
clip paper,
make bracelets,
pick the crud out your nails,
pick a lock...
yes, you could..
but what if you considered that
the paper clip could be bigger
than what you were used to seeing?
maybe its really 700 ft tall..
and made of concrete..
well, then that could support an entire building,
or, put on its side to make a bridge!
or even given a track to make a roller coaster...
and what if you could replace the paper clip with something?
what if you could think of uses and things and the things and their uses, without having known what they should be used for?
there's fires burning, but
they don't have water cannons,
the police are non-existent,
cause they in cahoots
with the loose news
get those kids back in school
put them in le systeme
the can't handle le freedom
and boredom
breeds hard knocks
and criminals..
pardon my french,
why not, pardon my Russian?
because French people used to speak french in England and the english didn't get it,"
cause you know, they spoke English..
so they just started saying 'pardon my French'
and it stuck, to mean, sorry for swearing..

but know one knows really why..

so, pardon my French, but / butt


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