Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Don't hold back helpful information.
It won't be any use to anyone when it's too late.

She was suspicious,
So, she looked at the author, and..
well, it kind of lost its credibility..
But then..
Everything that is written is someone's opinion,
Who's/whose [?] to validate it?
Who can say it's right or wrong or no good?
There are people, yes,
Sometimes though, it's a popularity contest,
Actually, mostly always.
If enough people read it and believe it, then it is true..
but there is something to it, that makes sense..
quietly celebrating what she thinks,
but on most days we don't care.

last week we sat outside there, but now its covered in snow. liz taylor


  1. if we didn't know, we'd celebrate and celebrate.

    we'd celebrate and mourn liz taylor, and celebrate and mourn that one week of reprieve we had from dreaded winter - where sun peeked through clouds and skin peeked out from under layers of winter warmth.

    so much for the shadow, lets go back to the cave and brood.

  2. I'm gonna spill a 40 for my phat homegirl LIZ...