Friday, March 4, 2011


You know how, nothing is shocking, we're desensitized blah blah
because everything moves so quickly is why things that happen in the past -
..and I mean relative past, whatever seems far to the person, could be one minute ago -
things aren't such a big deal
and, a lot sooner
so it makes for a lot of disconnect
if there is no continuity in memory,
living in the moment as we are so urged to do all the time
has a false happiness thing attached to it
and it's that everything is so instant
we're we meant to be this instant?
i think it takes a lot longer time for a human to function than a computer let's say,
but that too makes us feel inadequate or unsuccessful
but it's good because there is always some work and improvements to do..

I crashed again last night,
It's a medicated nation, we should be more patient..
I'm down...
I'm gettin' off the computer..
I'm gonna DO something


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