Sunday, February 27, 2011


Something happens at 4 a.m. ish -

If you like something, I mean a lot, chances are at this time, if you are somewhere, you will end up talking to someone who likes this very same thing.

Example: Cat

A: "Hey, you like cats?"
B: "I love cats. I have four."
A: "Four?"
B: "Yah. They are all bengals."
A: "Ohh, yah, those are nice. I have a persian. Let's look at some photos."

The value of things quickly increases or decreases, at 4 a.m.
e.g. a piece of pizza that costs 25 cents may or may not actually cost 25 cents.
And you will quickly begin to understand the Principle of Scarcity.
couches, cups, smokes, toilet paper.
you might trade your shoes for one or all or any of these.

also 4 a.m. is the perfect time to meet people who talk with accents.
Like Australia,
where they have slang words for English words that don't sound like English words at all.

At 4 a.m.,
is when people get impressed by new sinks, and running water.

When you look down, your white pants are no longer white at 4 a.m,
Don't wear white pants to the party.
Or ever.

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