Saturday, February 26, 2011


Check Yo'self!
Stolen jackets & Misplaced purses.
It's funny how inanimate objects go, 'missing.'
Phones acting up and throwing themselves across the room and a frantic panic follows.
Check yo'self!
Not just vodka, but champagne too!
Hey, these are ath-e-letes.
I don't know what the Steve Nash foundation is all about, but I trusted the coat check girl it was legit.
Twenties missing this morning too.

McDonalds - check yo'self!
Even McDonalds lost it's nuggets.
And misplaced the sweet+sour.

This above all things, should never happen.


  1. my heart just cried for your missing nuggets. we need to take out milk carton ads. we need to find them! orange alert! the nuggets are MISSING!

  2. lets make that orange an amber - this is serious.