Sunday, July 29, 2012


Swing high
Swing low
This love gives me vertigo
But once I'm up there
I can't not want the high
That feeling I'm so close
To the grey and orange sky
No cares in the world
Nothing can touch me
When only the birds and the clouds are above me
And in the morning
Days start with coffee
And end with wine
And in between those sips
I'm feeling not fine
Cause this life its not mine
It's a byproduct, refined
Like white sugar
That's bad
Like white bread
Don't cut me off a slice
Even though it looks nice on diner menus
It's crusted and molded and bad
When you shine that fluorescing light on it
It shows the truth
Nothing but
Pasturized partygoers
My love in a valley
of death
In a shadows light
Dimly lit by the moon and a million stars
Illuminating slightly
A toe in the dirt
A finger up her skirt
A missing button off his shirt
Sips spill, ends thrill, looks kill
But these cigarettes faster
The grass is greener on the other pasture
But they tell you it's not
So you won't go look
But I will , I will
Fuck the pain, fuck the thrill
Have to keep my head clear
And not sit in your swing of comfort
Rock me baby to and fro
You know that's where I want to go
But I'm looking down and all around
And I'm telling you I'm jumping off
And you think that I wont
But I will
And I do
And one day I'll pass by that park of buried memories
And whisper to the grains of sand that
I did

The bad news is time flies. The good news is I'm the pilot. And the best place to be is somewhere else.

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