Monday, March 12, 2012


Diamond lady
Falls asleep
Toes fall creep
Curtains that keep
The light out
Diamond lady
They made their bed and in it
Spoke without speaking
Taught without teaching
Fingers, lips creeping
It was made for the keeping
Yeah, diamond lady
They put drinks in their mouths
And bullets in their heads
From lovin' that spilled
All over the bed
And onto the floor
And straight through the door
At one time they came through
at one time together
But not anymore
Diamond lady
A head full of rocks
Diamond lady
A heart made of stone
Diamond lady
Not so pretty, not so shiny, not so forever anymore
Diamond lady
She'll cut you so tiny you won't even notice
Til one day you've turned into dust
Down to the bone and into your soul turning sweet memories into rust
Ohhh diamond lady
You'll always be alone
And to you she will say
diamonds shine brighter in the dark..

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