Monday, January 9, 2012


if i stay up all night
maybe i could think right
think about it all night
and feel anything but all right
if i couldn't fake it
maybe i could make it
make it on my own
or with you
you grew up
you got hard
baby let's just be soft
soft soft
so soft
prepositions and propositions
a spark/ a sneeze/ a bit of thread
it's all here in my little insane head
'cause i remember everything
I have a hang bag full of doubts
But not a conscience for regret
Think right
and i hear music, i hear music
all the time and everyday
and my ears they don't stop ringing
when down my head i rest to lay
on your cardboard chest
to hear the beat of
your petrified heart
and we can't stay
and we can't sleep
and we can't bathe
and we can't breathe
for another week
and i never want it to be easy
i never want it to be true
i never want it to be warm
i would forget everything i knew
that i think that you are brave
and you think I am cool
that you think I am beautiful
that i think you're a fool
and please don't let it end
if someone stops playing pretend
we'll all have to
exposure don't pay the bills
they don't even support the thrills
nothing's fun
except sometimes when it is
When the bubbles rise to fizz
In a glass full of happy
But you can't know
You'd never know
I say three
And you say four
i am a concrete floor
in a porno theatre
sticky and rue with those things you
aren't supposed to love
but you do, you do
you love them in the dark
a kiss in the doorway
a fuck in the park
run to dim lit street corners
It could be safe there
Always there
I'll meet you there
But I'd be late
But you would know
And you would wait

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